Wednesday, 2 February 2011

:)Lil Miss Pondering: In and Out=


 I can't wait for my DSLR to arrive. My parents gave me some money for my birthday and I decided to buy the Canon 500d DSLR camera. I've always wanted such a camera and as I blog and love photography I thought, why not? Photography is such a cool hobby, abeit an expensive one. ♥♥♥

 I went to watch 'Wicked' in the theatre with a friend. I love going to the theatre - I'm going to try and go more often! It is such a surreal experience. (Oh and Lee Mead is super gorgeous!) I also want to watch Legally Blonde and We Will Rock You ♥♥♥

 For my birthday, I received some gift vouchers. I receieved Debenhams, John Lewis and Zara Vouchers. I have yet to spend them! I don't know what to buy from Zara - I've never actually shopped there, even though their clothes have always intrigued me. ♥♥♥

I've been back to watching lots of YouTube makeup tutorials again. I was actually quite bored of them.. and there was too much advertising and controversy. Gurus I've been loving recently: Lisa Eldridge (she actually did Cheryl Cole's makeup!), CosmeticsCharlotte72, and MissJessicaHarlow.  As for blogs - I can never get bored of them!♥♥♥

I have been loving reading lots of chick flicks! I'm into lots of different genres when it comes to books - thrillers, fantasy, religious, romance and ofcourse chick flicks. My sister bought me some Madeline Wickham books for Christmas - and I have been loving them! They don't require much thinking and are extremely funny! Sophie Kinsella (the author of the Shopoholic series) is actually called Madeline Wickham! If you love Sophie Kinsella books then you should definitely check out Madeline Wickham's books :)

I've been using an electrical toothbrush for the last week and I'm amazed! My teeth look sooo much better. The toothbrush has a whitening feature and a timer - you can't go wrong with that!


I'm currently ill right now. It totally sucks because I haven't been ill in a very long time! I've lost my apetite, got a sore throat and can't stop sneezing. It's been a very bad start to February - but I've atleast I've had time to relax and unwind (something which I have not been doing much of recently).

I know this sounds quite sad, but I've been having birthday blues. My birthday whizzed past - far too quickly. I'm going to try and enjoy being 21 - everyone keeps telling me it goes downhill from that age (which I doubt - it probably only happens if you believe that).

Being stressed out. I've got lots of work to do - yet I keep on procastinating. It's a never ending, vicious cycle argh. Hopefully I can get myself together soon.
All of the photos are from WeHeartIt

What are you Ins and Outs?


  1. I'm so jealous you are getting a DSLR, I want one but just can't justify it when I know I'll need a camera to take on nights out.

    Wicked is absolutely amazing! I love the Gravity song! Your picture of the little wicked dolls is so cute.

    Don't worry about being 21 and it 'all going down hill' it definately doesn't if anything, things just got better for me after 21. More stress, yes, but otherwise nothing is really too different! Don't get too stressed out about work, I'm hardly one to talk as I had a ton to hand in last week and I was going out of my mind, but, try to stay positive!


  2. always wanted having a DSLR. but i still can't reach it :(

    oh, get well soon dear ;)

    Sarah Azhezha

  3. I love watching Lisa Eldrige's videos too, she is just amazing:-)

  4. I LOVE MissJessicaHarlow, but I'm always on the lookout for new discoveries so ill be checking your suggestions out!


  5. that girl Phan whatever her name is is the Lancome Youtube Spoke person and i read too much drama LOL. But i do followe her Twitter, RiceBunny!!

    and yes i have watched Anjaana Anjaani and 3 Idiots! I want to watch the new one about the wedding planners LOL

  6. @Emily - ive got a separate one for nights out (the one i currently use) - i'd hate to lug around a dslr lol! thank you for the lovely comment - i feel a lot better about being 21 now :)

    @Sarah - thank you :) i'm nearly well now woohoo

    @Ellysmakeupbag - i can't believe ive only recently seen her videos! she is beautiful too <3

    @persephone - i love her videos - she doesnt talk too much haha :)

    @Rinz - i like Phan but she seems kinda fake?? I don't know.. there's something very odd about her! I love Anjaana Anjaani! I must check the wedding planners one out :D xx

  7. Happy birthday! And congrats on your camera! :)

  8. Oooh I've go the 500d. It is one hell of a camera! I've had it for about a year and still learning more and more each day. Ever need any tips, let me know! :) xxx

  9. the Canon 500d is an awesome camera. I have that camera and it's been great to me. It takes great photos and shoots HD video. I hope you like it as much as i do ^-^

    btw cute blog!

  10. I really want to see Wicked! Is it worth splashing out on front row seats?! And an electric toothbrush is on my wishlist... which one do you use? x

  11. @Designer Spray - I'll deffo let you know ;)thanks xx

    @Beauty Stle Addict - aww brilliant! so glad it's a popular camera! thanks so much ;D

    @SAmi - i dont think its worth splashing out on front row seats!! My tickets were under £20 and we were in row 2! just look around for a good deal! There's a link provided for the electric toothbrush on this post which takes u straight onto it xx


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