Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Lil Miss Shopoholic: Elf and Sigma Haul :$

Hi girlies!

I've recently purchased a few items from two of my very favourite online shopping stores :)
First the Elf order. I ordered it on Sunday and it arrived today! Woohoo! Elf is amazing! 

 Elf Candid Coral (£3.50) I was inspired to buy this from reading Kaushal's Bollywood FOTD. She looked amazing. I love coral/peachy blushes!

 Elf Mellow Mauve blush (£3.50). I haven't got many mauve's in my blusher collection. I thought this would make a nice change! 

 Blushing rose (£3.50). I read that this blush is great for darker skin tones! I also bought one for my mum.

 Blushing rose has tiny specks of glitter. It looks so pretty.

Candid Coral, Mellow Mauve and Blushing Rose.

Elf gel liner in black (£3.50). My Sleek one has dried out. I've heard many great things about the Elf one. You also get a brush with the product.

This is the SS165 Tapered Highlighter brush. I've actually used this for contouring and it's amazing! It applies bronzer/ contour powder like a dream. As the end is tapered, it allows for easier control and movement.
This brush is called the F05 Small Contour brush, which is a copy of the Mac 105 brush. I've also used this for contouring and it's great for giving you a subtle look.

 This brush is called the SS214 Short Shader Brush..This brush is awesome at packing up colour on the lids. I used a brown eyeshadow on the lower lid and it made a big difference to my eye makeup.

 As I spent over 30 dollars, I got this brush for free. It's the SS217 which is a great brush. (Sorry, I used it yesterday and didn't wash it lol).This is actually my second one and I use it mainly on the outer V.

P.S - I purchased this with my own dough and I am not affiliated with any of the two brands mentioned.

Have you tried Sigma brushes or Elf products? 


  1. I haven't got any Elf blushers! The packaging is just like Nars! The coral one is gorgeous! Lovely haul! xx

  2. @Sriya- thank you! Yeah they copied Nars - apart from the mirror part! I can't wait to try them - I love shimmery blushes :) xxx

  3. Wow love all!! The coral one is awesome:)

  4. I have never tried ELF before :( I may buy the Sigma tappered brush one day, only if i make sure that the MAC one was LE.

  5. I've tried some ELF products... some good, some bad. I don't recommend their liquid liner. It burned my eyes bad! lol

    And I loooove my sigma brushes!


  6. @Rakshanda - I can't wait to try it out! Lets hope it shows up on my skin colour lol!
    @Ellymakeupbag - I'm not sure if it was LE. You should definitely try ELF - it's totally worth it!
    @Barbie - Yeah I purchased an ELF lipstick once and it was rubbish! My mum loves it though! lol xx

  7. The blushes look so dark and pigmented!(=

  8. how are you liking the elf blushes?


  9. I've got some studio elf brushes and i love them :D xx


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