Monday, 7 February 2011

Lil Miss Blinged Out: New bracelet from Dorothy Perkins +

♥Happy Monday everyone!
♥ I purchased a new piece of jewellery today. I wanted this bracelet for a long time! I noticed that all of the jewellery in Dorothy Perkins was 25% off!
♥ I further used my NUS discount card to nab another 20% off!
♥ All in all.. I only paid £7.49 for this gorgeous bracelet.
♥I'm going to wear this bracelet everyday. I haven't got any pretty bracelets - only big, chunky bangles (which annoy me when they rattle). 
♥This bracelet is glamorous, yet sophisticated.
♥The bracelet is made from the Ribbon and Asher company (It can be found in Dorothy Perkins)

 Have you purchased any jewellery recently? xxx


  1. Ooooo it's sooooo pretty. Loving all the NUS 20% off everywhere. I want to keep my student card forever haha.

  2. The bracelet is gorgeous!

    I love using my NUS everywhere, I have saved soo much money by using it. Love your blog by the way, just followed :) xx

  3. That's so pretty! My NUS expired and cause I'm not at uni atm I can't get discount anywhere! BOO! :( xx

  4. its so pretty and delicate!!!!
    ps. i know this is really late but haven't been blogging recently but happy belated birthday! u looked gorgeous! :) xoxo

  5. That is such a pretty bracelet! It's so dainty looking! Might have to get my hands on one of these! Great blog by the way sweetie x

  6. @Monika - remember.. when the student loans are out.. in comes the 20% discount haha!

    @ That girl - yeah I love the NUS!!!! it's so worth it!! I wish River Island had it :(

    @Sriya - that's annoying! i'm going to make most of being a student lol!

    @Emmadee - aww thank you soo much ur soo sweet :) xxx

    @Joanna Louise - i let my mother borrow it today and she receieved so many compliments! AW thank you ur sooo sweeet xx

  7. What a gorgeous bracelet! That is totally something I would love...sparkly and feminine! Oh, and I just discovered your blog and love it! =)

  8. I love that fancy range in DPs! I always see such pretty things.x

  9. I have a thing for Bows, i absolutely love this bracelet. I love your blog by the way :) x x

  10. @Victoria - I only noticed the fancy range last December! Wish I bought more now ;(

    @The Dollymix Diaries - Hi5 i love bows too! So feminine and elegant <3 aww thank you hun you're so sweet xxx

  11. I love your blog! Is really cute!! Love this ring!

    Could you check out my blog and follow me? I'll be very happy if you do it!
    thank you so much!


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