Sunday, 27 February 2011

:) Lil Miss Pondering: In and out = and Aims of the Month

Hi guys! I'm actually meant to be doing this post in March but I'm going to be very busy so I decided to do it today :)

Spring time. It's still quite chilly outside but the sun is finally out. When I see the summer I instantly think of the beach, having fun and chilling out. The days are much brighter - and this has definitely lifted up my mood :) 

Cricket. The Cricket World Cup is here! I've always loved cricket (it's quite big in Indian families!). Sometimes I'm not bothered to watch it because it's SOO long! I'm rooting for India or England to win! They are currently playing right now. Random fact: Sachin Tendulkars mother came to my 1st birthday party in India! (My claim to fame!)

Image is from here. Botanics Face Brush. I first read about this baby when Makeup Savvy did a post about it. Read her amazing review here. This brush has made a massive difference to my skin. Prior to using the brush - I had bumps all over my face. The St. Ive's exfoliator had broken me out and I was too scared to buy another exfoliator (as I have sensitive skin I have to be very careful when buying new skincare products). Now, my clean looks so much cleaner! My skin is nowhere near perfect - I still have spots and redness but it looks clean and glowy :) I use this twice a day for about 2 minutes each time!

Motivation. In the past week, I've become more motivated to study harder and more motivated to work out. When I do nothing - I feel bad, which makes me sad. If I do my studying and my workout - i feel so much better! I hope I continue to stay motivated :)

Waking up early. I've been waking up at 6.45 instead of 7am! I get a lot more things done in the morning. I am one of those 'early to bed, early to rise' kind of people (my mother has instilled this mantra since I was a child). My aim is to wake up at 6am and do a workout and do some studying. In the evenings I just like to chill, relax, read blogs, and speak to my friends. 

Soup. I've been drinking a lot of soup this month. It really fills me up and I just love drinking it. I drink the processed crap from Tesco - which probably is not very good for me! Maybe one day I'll make my own soup. Who knows? LOL 

Criticism. Finding out bad things about yourself. One thing I hate is when people criticize me (who actually likes it?). I'm sure it is good for the long term but I hate it - it makes me feel worse. I've been told that I speak too fast (lol), sound sarcastic (I don't mean to!), and the fact that I get angry at times(only around certain people). No one is perfect - but I'm going to try and take these into account and make myself a better person.

Facebook. I swear I have a love hate relationship with facebook! I actually prefer Twitter. I feel like I can be more myself. Some people on Facebook blatantly stalk you and try to find out all the gossip so I've had to limit my profile. Maybe one day I'll delete it completely but I love chatting to all of my friends and family that I hardly get to see!

Green tea. Green tea has a bit of testosterone in it. I used to drink three cups a day and I noticed my face was a bit more hairy and I had lots of spots on my jawline. Once I stopped drinking it the symptoms went. I drink the odd cup now and then - but I'm warning all of those serial green tea drinkers - don't overdrink!

All images from WeHeartIt, unless otherwise stated.

New addition to my in's and out's:
Aims for March:
  1. Be kind to everyone - even if they annoy the hell out of you!! (haha)
  2. Wake up at 6am and work out.
  3. Make vegetable and fruit juices.
  4. Use DSLR way more! 
  5. Study way harder.
  6. Blog a little more (if I can) - try to do some FOTD's (i've become very shy in front of the camera lol)
  7. Carry on being confident :) 
  8. Stop rushing everything. Just keep calm.. and eat a cupcake.

What are you Ins and Outs?
What are your aims for March?


  1. Roshni the first picture is that you honey...loving your ins and out...

    I have a love hate relationship with fb too, i do prefer twitter to be family on there...

    i need to start working have such a great mind

  2. Nope that isn't me! I love her dress though! Yeah family on facebook = annoying. I wrote about my best boy mate once and they called up my mum and said she's got a boyfriend LMAO! So narrowminded!

    Aww thank you - if I were you.. try 30 day shred! It's amazing! xx

  3. I loooove soup. You should so make your own, it's simple and much healthier as I find the fresh store bought ones always have cream in. Just boil whatever veg you have with one stock cube. Liquidise it then add salt&pepper. Easy and so delicious xx

  4. @Tass - you're totally right! I hate cooking because I have no patience! I'm going to look at recipes and try to make it myself (I'm 21 and I can't cook - I'm so ashamed lol!)

  5. I actually love this post a LOT, you could not have posted it at a more appropriate time i needed this motivation! :) THANKS! ooh and hon soup is really quick and easy and delicious; if your out and about EAT do really lovely soup.

  6. Don't worry, I'm 25 and I can't cook many things either :$ but soup is one of the only things I can do well and if you think about it, it's not much cooking, just boiling! :) My favourite is red lentil soup, I just had it for lunch :Dxx

  7. Green tea has testosterone??!! Good I don't like it then =D. All the best girly


  8. @Jakia - aww I love you :) Ok brilliant I'll try..never tried EAT food before!

    @Tass - yeah true- plus it fills you up so you end up eating less yay!

    @Cynthia - yeah it does! It can cause breakouts ugh! It did increase my metabolism though! x

  9. I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook too! Much prefer Twitter right now lol
    Wish I had the stamina to wake up 15mins early like you! xx

  10. @Sami - just try it - you never know until you try :) You work long hours though so that's understandable! x

  11. Totally agree with ALL of these ins and outs Roshni!! Lol xx

  12. I love this post :) xo

  13. I love reading your ins and outs!!! i can say working out is so much better in the mornings during the day i can never find time!! :)

  14. @Kaushal - hi5!
    @Sriya - yay glad you do xx
    @Beeroyal - thank you! Just try to wake up earlier - it's totally worth it xx

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