Thursday, 24 February 2011

Lil Miss Cheap: Awesome Body Shop Offer *EXPIRED

What's up guys? :)
I have a lot of energy today.. I'm usually sprawled under my duvet on Thursday evenings due to sheer fatigue.  Anyway, one of my good friends told me about an offer! If you pay £12 you can attain £30 worth of products at Body Shop! It directed me to the Groupon site and I purchased 2 vouchers. I can't wait to spend it! You can buy a maximum of 5 vouchers!

Here's what I'm planning on purchasing:

Body Shop Shimmer Waves Bronzer in Bronze (£16). I actually own this but it's in a tattered mess right now and therefore I need a new one! I love this and would highly recommend it!

Sandalwood and ginger scented candle. (£10). I went to the Body Shop with my mother last week and had a sniff of this. I instantly fell in love with this - it smelled very expensive!

Vanilla and Tonka bean home fragrance oil (£3.50). I have burner at home (from Wilkinsons) and I love to burn oils when I'm in need of some pampering. One of my favourite scents is Vanilla so I will be purchasing this!

Moroccan Argan and Orange Body Souffle. (£9). As I'm going to Morocco this year.. I might as well get into the spirit! I've heard many great things about Argan oil.. and I love citrus-sy scents so I would consider purchasing this!

Hemp Hand Protecter (£2.50). I've read many wonderful reviews on this product.. and as I've recently run out of handcream this could soon be in my handbag.

Shimmer Cube in warm (£16). I love neutral colours. You can wear them during the day time and during the night. I think £16 is quite expensive though, but these products would be handy for travelling!

What will you be purchasing?
Click here for the link so you can purchase the voucher.
Offer expires 25 May 2011.

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  1. I have the Vanilla and Tonka Bean home fragrance oil but wasn't to keen on the smell (it was something like baby powder/nappies...!)
    The Shimmer Cubes are amazing though, as is the Hemp hand cream... let me know what you think of them! ;-)

  2. I've tried one of their Hemp products in store, but I remember it having a weird smell. lol

  3. I love bodyshop products I'm looking to get one of the shimmer bronzers ;)

  4. @Bettzy - thank u!
    @Sami - I went to smell the candles again and I hated all of them! Maybe it was just the particular store! I'm going to check out the Oxford Street one again! Thanks for telling me lol

    @Barbie - yeah it does and it's quite sticky! I'm not going to get that anymore!
    @Mevish - Definitely get the bronze one - it will look amazing on u!


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